Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Intro to Facial Gua Sha

Curious about Facial Gua Sha but don't know where to start?

I have the source for stones, companion oils and lessons. 

First lets start with what Facial Gua Sha is:  

Gua Sha is an ancient Eastern Asian massage technique that uses uni-directional press-stroking massage movements, acupressure points and frictioning on the skin to manipulate and stimulate specific energy lines along the face and body to increase the life energy force that runs throughout the body. It can be performed on the body using larger tools and with more pressure, more of a scraping action. For the face and neck massage, lighter, gentler pressure is used and is safe for sensitive skin. 

Key Benefits

  • Relieve tension in muscles of the face and neck - can relieve tension headaches, jaw tightness
  • Boost blood circulation - creates that healthy glow of skin
  • Lift and tone skin - natural anti-aging 
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage - essential for our body’s immunity
  • Moves chi/qi/energy in the body - can help move blockages to our organs
  • Grounding and relaxing - down regulates the stress response in our nervous system 

from emikooyoga

On the Fox & Doll Shop site we have a full list if what you need to do it at home.

Three favorite Gua Sha Stones

Gua Sha Obsidian Stone, $33

Clear Quartz Gua Sha Tool, $33

Mookaite Jasper Spoon, $68

Three favorite oils for Gua Sha

B3 Rose Squalane, $32

B3 Flourite Oil, $40

QiQi Antioxidant Facial Oil, $33

I also offer a starter set, $48

Feel free to message me with any questions about the stones or oils, I would love to help you select what items are best for you.

How can you learn to do Gua Sha?

Join emikooyoga for Facial Gua Sha online lessons -

Facial Gua Sha livestream classes are held every 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Each lesson focuses on a different guided Gua Sha treatment. Or schedule a private session!

Plus get $25 off your first class, session or package with this referral ink. All sessions include a rewatch link, so you can watch later if you cannot attend live.

Want to do self guided sessions? Then check out my YouTube Gua Sha Playlist

Are you a skincare professional and want to learn how to do Gua Sha for the treatment room? Check out the training from CJB.

Want to get a Gua Sha facial from a professional? Check out this list. In San Francisco I recommend Lindsay at Vera.

If you want further help picking out the right stone for you, watch this.

Or contact me to schedule a virtual shopping appointment to see the stones over video or have me send pics of my current selection. 

Want to schedule a skincare treatment or consultation from home, check out the options I offer.

Use code GUASHAATHOME for 10% off Gua Sha items at

(one use per customer, good for all products in the Gua Sha category).

Read more about eyes and Gua Sha here

❤️ Fox & Doll, 2022

photos by emiko oye, Kristin Cofer and Shana Astrachan

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