Monday, May 20, 2013

Harry's Shave ♥ Fox & Doll Approved

I am excited to try these new razors, and equally excited to give them as gifts. Beautifully designed, with top notch reviews from both men and women and really reasonably priced (razor price starts at $10 and replacement blades under $2). What more could you ask for! Well, one of the two founders is also one of the co-founders of Warby Parker, one of my favorite eyeglasses companies (I admittingly own 3 pairs!). And similar to Warby they have a business model that gives back. For every order they donate a blade or dollar equivalent to an organization that shares their goals. A big thumbs up for everything about this company. Oh, and free shipping!

Use this unique link to place your order!

Ladies, if you are wondering like I was if they are going to make ones specifically for us gals, someone from Harry's told me that while female customers are loving the current design for themselves there IS something in the works. I'll keep you updated!

Fox & Doll approved! ♥