Sunday, July 26, 2020

Fixing Rusted Wires on Masks

You may have noticed some rust spots on your masks. I have.

Here I will share a easy method for removal of the rust and how to replace the wire. 

For the first few batches of the masks I made the mistake of using pipe cleaners, as I think many did. Turns out these rust. So here is how to remove them and replace them.

-First I cut a little slit in the back of the mask and pull it out, usually pretty easy to do.

-Then I use a combination of lemon juice and salt, I spot treated with a Q-tip, bonus if you can put it in the sun. You may need to do this step a few times till you see the rust disappear, then give the whole mask a hand wash and dry. I also recommend pressing with an iron to flatten everything out (see added care instructions in post here.)

-Then I replace the wire with one that I cut from a roll of what’s called “artistic wire”. It’s 20 gauge, basically nylon coated wire. I also bend the ends before inserting it so it isn't sharp and can't poke through. (see below bonus directions on how to make the wires or how to purchase from me).

-If you want to close up the hole grab a needle and thread and just make a few stitches, it doesn't need to look pretty, it's the back so no one will see it, but do cut those threads close, as they will bug you if they tickle your face.

Added instructions of how to bend the ends of the wires:

I bought “artistic wire” from a place called Rio Grande online, but you can also do a general search, some of the craft stores will sell it too. You want 20 gauge. And you will need wire cutters and two pairs of flat nose pliers. 

-Straighten wire between fingertips.
-Cut a 5" wire.
-Bend ends in using flat pliers.
-Take each end of wire in each pair of pliers and give a tug and a little twist back and fourth to straighten it all out and align the ends.
-Now you have a straight wire without sharp ends to reinsert into the nose wire slot.

I also sell some replacement wires if you would rather not do this step on your own. Sold in packs of 5 for $6 (includes mailing) at

Mask Care & How To Wear

These instructions are specifically for my handmade masks, available at

Masks are made using 100% cotton lined with a soft flannel. A filter pocket is a optional add on. Masks include a flexible rust proof wire at the nose, allowing for a comfortable and fog free fit, perfect with glasses. The soft elastic is sourced from a US lingerie supply company, and are convertible so that the mask can be worn over the ears or tied behind the back of the head and neck (see pictures). Many fabrics used are limited edition with inspiration from mid century modernism, tiki style and adorable vintage inspiration.

If you are looking for a comfortable mod mask handmade in the US you have found it! And if you require something customized do not hesitate to message me.


- Hand wash in HOT water and hang dry.

- Washing is recommended after each wear.

- Iron flat on low to medium after each wash.


- Pleats face downward with nose wire at top.

- Conform wire tight to the shape of your nose.

- Top ties go through lower loops to create ear loops and tie at neck.


- Use the included optional tie to slide through lower loops and tie this part at back of neck,

then tie top ties at the upper back of head.

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If you have a mask from one of my first runs that is showing some rust at the nose please see this post regarding fixing the rusted wires.

Handmade by me in a pet free, smoke free home.

Thank you for shopping with me  Shana

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Mazz Hanna Beauty & Wellness Collection

I discovered this amazing line when I was in Palm Springs this past January. They were at a event I went to, so I got to meet one of the owners of this husband and wife run brand out of LA. Mazz Hanna is a agency nail artist who's portfolio includes many celebrities and ad campaigns. She is also a Certified Crystal Healer. Every small batch of of the products is lovingly handcrafted with organic and cruelty free ingredients. 

All of the CBD products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality, purity, and proper CBD dosing. 

The crystals used are ethically sourced through our long-term partnerships with vendors and miners.

Mazz Hanna CBD infused products can be purchased at

These are my top three products from the line, but really I absolutely adore everything they make:

CBD Essential Oil Blend $60
A calming blend of 11 therapeutic grade essential oils enhanced with the relaxing benefits of 50mg Organic Full Spectrum CBD. Ingredients are amplified with a magnifier quartz that has been blessed by a Shaman under a full moon. Each product is hand dated.

Alignment Elixir $29
A hydrating blend of organic aloe leaf juice enhanced with the calming scent of organic lavender. All ingredients are amplified with a clear quartz infusion and have been blessed and charged in the California sun.

CBD Foot Spray $55
A calming blend of Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, therapeutic grade essential oils and 250mg Organic Full Spectrum CBD. Ingredients are amplified with a Smoky Quartz that has been blessed by a Shaman under a full moon. Each product is hand dated.

Fox & Doll Recommended

search #foxanddollrecommended on instagram for more beloved products.

Disclaimer: I certify that I either personally use these products or have used them for clients.