Friday, April 17, 2015

NYC and Brooklyn Trip 2014

A long overdue post! Last year I took a fabulous trip to NYC and Brooklyn, first time in many years. My main draw was the Bust Magazine Primped Event, but so many other things made it the perfect time to visit; some close friends living in Brooklyn, Hedwig on Broadway and lucky for me the overlap of The Makeup Show. It was a perfect trip with the balance of work and play.

How sweet that before my trip Bust published and article about me!

I hadn't actually been to Brooklyn before, because the last time I was in NY was so many years ago that it wasn't the hip spot to visit that it is now. With my friends living there temporarily I was happy to have a this gem of a spot to spend time at.

On the first night the I happily stumbled upon a Tiki Bar!

The second night was Hedwig on Broadway, something I had been looking forward to since the day I heard about it! And it lived up to and far beyond any expectations.

The next day was spent wondering around Williamsburg with my friends on a perfectly beautiful day.

I found plenty of vintage while wondering around. Oh how I regret not buying these darling shoes!

And a champagne sunset rooftop toast! A beautiful way to end the day as I did some last minute prep for my even with Bust Magazine the next day.

I was so thrilled to be part of the Bust Magazine Primped event.

I met so many wonderful ladies and got to show off my two new glosses, "Fox" and "Doll" shown on these two lovely gals.

And some more "Fox" on these foxy babes!

And contrary to her business name cutie Jen of "Hey Dollface" chose "Fox" as her go-to color. 

I ran into photographer Hanah Haley who took a few photos of my set up.

Following three photos by Hanah Haley

My feet were tired at the end of the day!

Then there was an amazing meal at Aurora in Brooklyn, and a most fantastic cocktail!

The next day was The Makeup Show! And I was lucky to see artist Alice Lane presented by James Vincent. Another great day!

Surprise surprise I found a bowling alley. What a treat to bowl with an longtime dear friend at The Gutter in Brooklyn.

It was a great trip!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day style with ModCloth and Benefit Cosmetics

Two years ago I had the honor of doing hair for a collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics and ModCloth. The campaigns were published around Valentine's Day 2012 so as we approach this romantic time of year once again it seems a great time to share these pictures, which are truly some of my favorites to date in my portfolio. Finger waves and bouffants, so much love for these styles!

The pictures from this shoot were used on the ModCloth site for their Girl Meets Glam Stylebook

And the pictures were also used on the Benefit Cosmetics site and blog

If you are familiar with some of my favorite hairstyles you know the mini bouffant I did on Ashley's hair is always a winner! After the shoot Ashley and I quickly teemed up again to do a video tutorial on her site Fancy Fine for a similar look, The 1960's Mini Bouffant.
 The 1960's Mini Bouffant
The 1960's Mini Bouffant

ModCloth and Benefit Cosmetics collaboration credits-
Photographer Kristin Cofer
Styled by Annie Morrison
Hair by Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll
Makeup artist (I can't track down her name, please contact me if anyone knows)
Models: Ashley Ording and Juliana Pfeffer

I hope to get to publishing more posts soon about other shoots I have done with these two models, along with my many hair and makeup projects for ModCloth. Ashley and I have worked together a bunch of times since on some very stylish creative collaborations, and Juliana and I got to do a fun nautical themed shoot again with ModCloth last year. More to come soon on these past projects!

Friday, February 6, 2015

My Obsession with High Waisted Retro Panties

I love high waisted retro style panties. They are the perfect combo of comfortable and cute! Here are a few brands I covet and think would make a great gifts, wink wink hint hint. I see no shame in purchasing yourself a special Valentine's Day gift, so go for it!

I could picture wearing these perfectly classic panties from Egretta Garzetta everyday. 

Twin Syndrome makes super comfortable and cute underwear. Yes these panties are VERY high waisted, but if you live in a cold climate I promise you will thank me because they cover that area at the top of your pants where the cold air gets in! Plus check out her perfectly retro High-Rise Bathing Suit Bottoms.

I own these happy floral cuties from Knickerocker, one of my favorite pairs of underwear ever! 

Italian cashmere! The pieces from Econica are handmade in Canada and are so perfect for chilly winter. I'm going to make sure these get on my holiday wish list for next year.

The pieces and sets from What Katie Did are so perfectly retro, plus you can get yourself a perfectly fit Bullet Bra to match! On a side note, I do own a version of this bra and I absolutely adore it. 

This pretty pink stretch velvet set from Danielle Wood would be a perfect Valentine's Day gift. P.S. I did the makeup and hair in this beautiful image of Shelbie Dimond taken by Joshua Cobos, and I have been coveting these pieces ever since.

And if you are a super lingerie lover looking for more recommendations check out The Lingerie Addict. You can even search her blog by 'high waisted' to see past posts about pieces you are sure to fall in love with.