Monday, August 31, 2015

A Dreamy Collaboration

This past spring I did makeup and hair for a dreamy shoot with two very talented ladies that I was honored to work with. This truly was a perfect collaboration of talents. Danielle Wood is a model and clothing designer/maker, and Hana Haley is a film photographer who I had the luck of working with another time a few years back on this beautiful shoot. And we used some of my delicate jewelry pieces for accessorizing the looks.
Below is just a selection of the amazing images the three of we created together. All shot be Hana Haley and all from film, not digital.

See the full set here on Hana Haley's site and in the Let's Make a Picture Lookbook on Danielle Wood's site. And if you love those bra and panty sets I can vouch for how amazing they are, the Velvet Longline and High Waisted Set are in my regular rotation.
And some behind the scenes images.

Total dream team! Thanks Hana and Danielle!