Monday, November 2, 2015

Golden Gate Park Photo Shoot

I'm usually on the other side of the camera touching up models and making sure each hair is in place. But in the fall of last year I was the model for a series with Christina Richards Photography. It was a chilly damp early morning in the park, one of those days I wouldn't have gotten out so up and early on my own, but was so happy to be there to experience the cool quite peaceful setting.
This was a bit of a collaboration in that Christina asked to take my portrait saying, "My inspiration for the portraits are these paintings. I was in golden gate park recently and it seemed like so much was in bloom.  I’m thinking about using the colors in the flowers and trees and possibly in the outfits people wear. It could be a floral print or just something with rich color palette. I love your style and imagine you might have something that would fit the look."
So I wore a favorite flea market find that I suspect was handmade, along with a vintage Lilli Ann Coat woven of browns and golds (vintage lovers I suggest you google image search Lilli Ann pieces right away), along with red t-strap dance shoes. And of course I wore my favorite heart necklace from my grandmother. I also wanted my makeup to be the way that I usually like to do it when I am a bit extra done up, full cat eye makeup with a bit of extra lash and a brick red lip.
I adore all of the images that came from the shoot. I can't wait to see more and more of Christina's work and hope to collaborate with her again doing makeup and hair on models she works with.
Christina also photographs weddings in the Bay Area and New England, and we have shared a few clients, one being a recent favorite from last year and our Fck it Let's Elope contest winners from just this past September with a beautiful wedding amongst Redwoods.
All photos in this post by Christina Richards.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Fox & Doll Studio Space

Celebrating one year in my studio space! I had my friend Micaela Hoo of Drifter & the Gypsy take some beautiful images of my space. You will see some special vintage items collected here from the Alameda Antiques Fair, Carousel SF and Urban Burp Fabrics.

My line of Fox & Doll products, plus a few other goodies for sale!

It is easy to see here what some of my favorite products are! Kett Cosmetics, Mineral Fusion, Ardency Inn, Visart and so much more. Having this wonderful space has been a great excuse for fresh flowers from my favorite neighborhood flower shop, Ampersand.

Bumble and Bumble, Oribe, Suavicita, Floss Gloss,  and of course Fox & Doll products!

And if you come by and are wondering what is behind the white curtain, it is my jewelry studio!
Makeup and hair services available by appointment at StyleSeat, or if you want to just drop by send me a text first, 415-420-0527

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Dreamy Collaboration

This past spring I did makeup and hair for a dreamy shoot with two very talented ladies that I was honored to work with. This truly was a perfect collaboration of talents. Danielle Wood is a model and clothing designer/maker, and Hana Haley is a film photographer who I had the luck of working with another time a few years back on this beautiful shoot. And we used some of my delicate jewelry pieces for accessorizing the looks.
Below is just a selection of the amazing images the three of we created together. All shot be Hana Haley and all from film, not digital.

See the full set here on Hana Haley's site and in the Let's Make a Picture Lookbook on Danielle Wood's site. And if you love those bra and panty sets I can vouch for how amazing they are, the Velvet Longline and High Waisted Set are in my regular rotation.
And some behind the scenes images.

Total dream team! Thanks Hana and Danielle!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Pre Wedding Day Skin Care Tips

There are so many tips and tricks that are proven to make your skin glow, and I want to share them ALL with you.
Since great skin is the foundation of any beautiful makeup why not use your wedding day to pull out all the stops for perfection. Instead of faking it by covering up your skin with a full face of foundation lets get your skin looking and feeling its ultra best. That’s not to say you won’t want some foundation on your skin the day of the wedding, but if your skin is glowing and you have this underlying luminosity, a more sheer approach to foundation is needed, there will be less blemishes and unevenness to coverup. This gives your day of makeup artist has the best possible canvas to start with, and you'll still be feeling confident and beautiful when the makeup is washed away. Plus most of these tips will have a positive effect on more than your skin, think about how eating extra vitamin and oxidant rich foods effect your overall health and mood. That all sounds worth eating some healthy food and taking care of your skin right!

Number one is drink lots of water. I can’t stress this enough! Just keep drinking it. Get yourself a fancy new water from some of my favorites: SwellBKR, SOMA, or HidrateSpark to carry around, or a new water filter from SOMA Water if that is what it takes, but just keep drinking water like it will make you the most beautiful person in the world, because it will.

Start doing daily gentile exfoliation by using a 100% cotton washcloth when you wash your face. Here's my method: massage face wash product into your skin (take time with this step, really treat it like a message), add water and continue to message product and water into your skin, rinse cloth with hot water and ring out, wipe away the cleanser, repeat rinse and wipe two or three times, then finish by drying your face with a clean dry towel. If you have been wearing a lot of foundation I recommend repeating all these steps a second time. This gentle exfoliation method does a great job at removing all traces or makeup and gets rid of the dead skin cells on the surface to reveal a brighter complexion.

If your skin is extra dry switch your cleanser to a cleansing oil, one of my favorites is from Monastery Made. For all other skin types generally a gentle non foaming cleanser is your best guide for choosing a cleanser that is nourishing and effective. This one from Hale & Hush is a current favorite and is gentle and good for ALL skin types. Also a cleansing grain like this one from By Nieves is a great cleanser to switch up your day to day routine when you need a little extra exfoliation or something to draw out impurities, it can also be used as a mask.

Exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week. Mix up equal parts brown sugar, honey and olive oil. Picture tutorial here. You can also purchase this Coconut oil based one from my Fox & Doll line.

Switch away from lip balms that are waxy or medicated. Look for ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter. Two of my favorites are from Laurel Organics and Karite Lips.

Add some additional supplements to your diet. My favorites for healthy skin are: zinc, probiotics, and fish oil or omegas. Plus add in biotin for strong nails and hair.

Eat foods high in vitamins C and E. Fresh fruits and veggies (for C) and seeds and nuts (for E). Plus get healthy doses of antioxidants. Think grapes, bluberries, cherries, strawberries, green tea, tomatoes, dark green veggies, and kidney beans.

If you don’t already use a eye cream, serum and night cream now is the time to start and I finally found the prefect one!

Adding a vitamin C serum and a Retinal cream are the best ways to take your skincare to the next level.

Take your time when applying products, really massage them into your skin so that they get fully absorbed. When shopping for skincare look for products that have antioxidants and vitamins added. Trust your estheticians recommendations. They are not just trying to make money when recommending products, they know what is best for your skin and your needs. And if you need a referral for an esthetician that suites your needs ask me for my list, I am happy to sand it to you.

This is the time to really invest in your skin care routine, but I recommend ditching the overpriced department store brands and setting your sites on products you can purchase at the natural foods store and independent clean brands. Shop for products at your local health food store or go to Credo, it's the Sephora of clean beauty brands. As a general rule stay away from department store brands, where you are paying for marketing and packaging instead of the best possible ingredients. What you save in expensive packaging and celebrity endorsements is more than made up for in product that really nourishes your skin, and generally costs a fraction of the price. Here are a few super star favorites: Antioxidant SerumC Serum, Night Balm, and Day and Night Treatment.

And if you are looking to add one new step into your skin care regimen that will make a difference and cost very little get a hydrating spray. Spray all over, then while skin is still damp from it and add your moisturizer, serums and oils to your face. Take time to massage the products in.

If you plan to do a professional peel or other type of skin treatment, do it at least one month in advance. Even better is to do it 2-3 months in advance, then repeat 3-4 weeks in advance (depending on recovery time), your skin care professional will know best based on treatment.

If you choose to do at home mask treatments I recommend a gentile exfoliating enzyme mask and a hydrating mask both once a week. This is a great alpha hydroxy based exfoliator that can help with dark spots, discoloration, and will brighten hyperpigmentation. My go to moisture mask makes skin hydrated and soft, and can also be used as a day to day moisturizer for flaky skin areas. And to keep your skin bright use a C Serum day and night.

Do you keep yogurt in the fridge? Add a little honey and put it on your face as a mask for 10 minutes. Or mashed up avocado makes a great mask too! Together these provide calming of the skin, hydrating, nutrient replenishment, and added radiance.

You can also add drinking my Sipping Pretty Tea into your daily regimen, then turn the brewed leaves into a mask and use the cooled down tea as a hydrating and calming facial toner.

Wear extra SPF on your face, neck and body everyday (it would be a bad time to get too much color on your arms and marks from your tank top). And the week before the wedding make an extra effort to stay out of the sun, and especially the day before. I've seen way too many girls with arm and chest sunburns the day before the big day from being outside during family events or pre wedding location set up.

If you are having problems with breakouts or are worried about this here are a few added steps you can take to ensure your skin stays clear:
• Clean your makeup brushes - I recommend a gentle shampoo, rinse well and dry flat.
• Take a zinc supplement, this will help clear a break out, prevent them, plus will also keep you from catching a cold.
• That washcloth face washing method from above can really make a world of difference.
• Change out your pillow cases and wash your phone surface frequently.
• Keep this wonder product on hand for breakouts and sun exposure emergencies.

And a special tip for the ladies reluctant to drink wine because of a tendency to turn flush in the face. You can take Pepcid AC or Complete (or similar product containing Famotidine) 45 minutes before drinking to reduce the redness. Of course consult your physician and do a test run in advance with a glass of red wine.

I really want your skin looking its best so here are just a few more tips:
• Do the same treatments you do on your face on your chest area.
• Are you a soda and/or coffee drinker? This would be the time to stop and purge the sugar and caffeine from your skin.
• Use up old face care products or ones you don’t love on your body, have a face wash or exfoliant that isn’t perfect for your skin type then use it as a body wash!
• Share all these tips with your partner, bridal party and family, everyone can have great skin too.

Do all of these steps everyday and DRINK MORE WATER, then you can report back to tell me how great your skin looks and feels. And last but not least, these tips aren't just pre wedding day worthy, they are for everyday and everyone! xo

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