Friday, February 6, 2015

My Obsession with High Waisted Retro Panties

I love high waisted retro style panties. They are the perfect combo of comfortable and cute! Here are a few brands I covet and think would make a great gifts, wink wink hint hint. I see no shame in purchasing yourself a special Valentine's Day gift, so go for it!

I could picture wearing these perfectly classic panties from Egretta Garzetta everyday. 

Twin Syndrome makes super comfortable and cute underwear. Yes these panties are VERY high waisted, but if you live in a cold climate I promise you will thank me because they cover that area at the top of your pants where the cold air gets in! Plus check out her perfectly retro High-Rise Bathing Suit Bottoms.

I own these happy floral cuties from Knickerocker, one of my favorite pairs of underwear ever! 

Italian cashmere! The pieces from Econica are handmade in Canada and are so perfect for chilly winter. I'm going to make sure these get on my holiday wish list for next year.

The pieces and sets from What Katie Did are so perfectly retro, plus you can get yourself a perfectly fit Bullet Bra to match! On a side note, I do own a version of this bra and I absolutely adore it. 

This pretty pink stretch velvet set from Danielle Wood would be a perfect Valentine's Day gift. P.S. I did the makeup and hair in this beautiful image of Shelbie Dimond taken by Joshua Cobos, and I have been coveting these pieces ever since.

And if you are a super lingerie lover looking for more recommendations check out The Lingerie Addict. You can even search her blog by 'high waisted' to see past posts about pieces you are sure to fall in love with.


Haley Jo said...

I love them! Here are a couple of other companies whose designs I love: and

Shana Astrachan said...

Ladies- Please leave more links to your favorite high waisted styles in the comments! I love to know what others have found and recommend.