Monday, November 2, 2015

Golden Gate Park Photo Shoot

I'm usually on the other side of the camera touching up models and making sure each hair is in place. But in the fall of last year I was the model for a series with Christina Richards Photography. It was a chilly damp early morning in the park, one of those days I wouldn't have gotten out so up and early on my own, but was so happy to be there to experience the cool quite peaceful setting.
This was a bit of a collaboration in that Christina asked to take my portrait saying, "My inspiration for the portraits are these paintings. I was in golden gate park recently and it seemed like so much was in bloom.  I’m thinking about using the colors in the flowers and trees and possibly in the outfits people wear. It could be a floral print or just something with rich color palette. I love your style and imagine you might have something that would fit the look."
So I wore a favorite flea market find that I suspect was handmade, along with a vintage Lilli Ann Coat woven of browns and golds (vintage lovers I suggest you google image search Lilli Ann pieces right away), along with red t-strap dance shoes. And of course I wore my favorite heart necklace from my grandmother. I also wanted my makeup to be the way that I usually like to do it when I am a bit extra done up, full cat eye makeup with a bit of extra lash and a brick red lip.
I adore all of the images that came from the shoot. I can't wait to see more and more of Christina's work and hope to collaborate with her again doing makeup and hair on models she works with.
Christina also photographs weddings in the Bay Area and New England, and we have shared a few clients, one being a recent favorite from last year and our Fck it Let's Elope contest winners from just this past September with a beautiful wedding amongst Redwoods.
All photos in this post by Christina Richards.