Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finger Saved by Ring

It is true. One of my rings has saved a finger from being mangled. Kevin bought a ring from me in 1998 and had not taken it off since, that's 13 years! It has been so cool to see how the ring has worn over the years. We run into each other about once a year or so in the neighborhood and he always shows me the current state of the ring. What was once a concave textured surface slowly became convex, it has been fascinating to see this change over time.

The piece that saved Kevin's finger and the replacement

But recently Kevin contacted me because he was in need of a replacement ring, the original was crushed beyond repair. Someone had shut a car door with his hand in it, but luckily the ring on his pinkie finger was the first thing the door hit. Wow, it bent nearly in half and snapped. Not only was he lucky the ring was there but also that it opened up on the seam, from close inspection it seems this was likely the solder seam. Because it opened up he was able to have friends pry it off without having to rush to the emergency room. Wow what a story! I am proud to have contributed to saving Kevin's finger, and that he came right back for a replacement.

The original design as first created in 1996