Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Object Fetish Holiday Show

The website Object Fetish is having a holiday exhibition including two new sequins pieces of mine.

The criteria for the show was "the new BLING”
What do you value? Is it gold and diamonds or plastic and trash? As our consumerist culture cuts back on conspicuous spending does that change how you make and what you make? Is it a new Bling for our new economy?

My pieces are inspired directly by fashion. They are made of plastic, and with minimal materials these pieces have a big impact. I was inspired by the idea of making jewelry to go specifically with an outfit. Paco Rabanne's linked dresses have had a continued direct influence on my work, so it seemed natural to make some earrings to go with one. And the red dress from Versace just seems to need a bit more 'bling'.

Black and Gold Earrings are inspired by the amazing dresses of Paco Rabanne. His 60's linked dresses are so playful and unique for their time. My sequins series emulates the drape, playfulness and impact of his dresses. This large muti-colored pair is made to be worn with this particular dress.

Inspired by this dress from Paco Rabanne

Black and Gold Necklace, also part of the series inspired by the dresses of Paco Rabanne, is made to be worn with a dress by another iconic designer, Versace. The red dress with plunging neckline and layered sequins detail would be equally complemented when accessorized with this neckpiece.

Inspired by this dress from Versace


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