Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Tiny Hearts

I am guessing I was probably 5 or 6 when Nana gave me the bracelet; it was a fine gold chain with three of the sweetest tiny hearts hanging delicate on one end near the clasp. One was white gold, one yellow gold and the other rose gold. So many years later these delicate little hearts still hold strong though a bit dented and slightly crushed here and there, sort of like our own hearts. I now wear these hearts as a very delicate necklace. They are reminders to be strong but also stay soft and open to what comes your way in life. This pretty little treasure inspired me to make a new version to share. xo –Shana
I recently wrote up the story of these little necklaces to package with gifts of them from my Aunt to her Grandchildren. It was very special for my Aunt to be giving these as gifts not only because they were designed after a piece of jewelry I consider very precious from my grandmother (her mother) but also because my Aunt has strongly influenced my passion for making jewelry. She owned a spectacular art jewelry gallery in the 80's and 90's. Body Sculpture on Newbury Street in Boston was such a treasure for me to visit as a child and teen. Seeing the display of and appreciation for unique bold jewelry was a thrill to me from a early age. The exposure to artists such as Robert Lee Morris and Cara Croninger was just the beginning of my passion for jewelry and adornment. Little did I know the history already laid down at this early point and the career that was to follow. I have so many thank yous to give to those that have influenced my creative path.

I am sure my grandmother would have never guessed the influence she would have on me when giving me those three tiny hearts when I was so young. See link below to my Etsy page for this and other styles.

Dented option available upon request.

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Sarah Sequins said...

Shana, what precious little hearts! They're just darling. I love getting to hear about people's early experiences with art. :)