Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sippin' Pretty Tea

Sippin' Pretty Beauty Tea is here! A collaboration I did under my Fox & Doll label with local San Francisco Tea manufacturer T-We Tea. Available for purchase via T-We events and Fox & Doll's Etsy shop.

Blended to be good for your skin inside and out. Sip this luxurious tea for glowing skin, but when it's all gone the benefits are not over!

Here are many other uses for your tea:
• Use the cold tea at the bottom of your cup as a facial toner to sooth and hydrate your skin
• Use your two post brewed tea bags on your eyes to calm tired and de-puff
• Use the wet leaves after you brew to mix with you face and body wash to exfoliate your skin

• Mix the brewed leaves with yogurt or honey for a soothing and calming mask
• Brew some tea into your night time bath to relax in

T-We does many shows around the Bay Area and beyond, so next time you are at a local independent shopping event look for their colorful display.

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Christopher C said...

Love the blog post. Thanks for the shout out!